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Puppy Questions and Answers today on my YouTube LIVE chat. I’m covering topics including, puppy chewing, crate training, introducing puppies to older dogs, puppies who bite, getting a new puppy and so much more.

If you have a puppy or are getting a puppy, there’s something in this chat for everyone. Puppy training tips and tips on what might be the best puppy to get. Puppies can be a lot of fun, but they are also a lot of work. Make it fun and learn the best skills to give your new puppy the best life EVER.

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My Dog Hasn’t Eaten Since Having Dental Work!

Why, after having dental work done, do some dogs not recover? Additionally, for how long will this last? Let’s look at a few factors.

My Stubborn Puppy Won’t Eat!

So your young puppy’s really persistent. Regardless of what you do, he will not eat.

My Dog Won’t Stop Sneezing!

Why do pet dogs sneeze? Is the cause allergic reactions or something extra serious?

My Dog Is Always Puking – When Is It Serious?

You’ve seen everything he’s eaten but still can’t figure it out. What’s making him ill?

My Dog Is Finicky – What Can I Do?

So your canine will not consume? Let’s establish if it’s a major problem or if a simple remedy is all that’s needed.

What’s the Easiest Way to Train a Dog to Heel?

Maintaining “Filo” from drawing is a significant task. Particularly if he understands he’s the leading pet dog!

My Dog Ate Catnip!

Catnip actually won’t eliminate your dog. Allow’s chat about what it can do, though.

Three Lost Dogs That Found Their Way Back Home

By what compass do songbirds and emperors fly over the hills to winter season in warmer environments? What overviews the fantastic whales as they browse the deep? And just how is it that 3 lost pets that discovered their means back residence were anticipated, even after having been opted for as well lengthy?

Mans Best Friend and Training Him

Dog training is never ever a mystical practice. It’s normally an issue of attempting to interact with your pet to make it recognize precisely what it expected to do. While a number of pets are simple to please contrasted to others, a couple of appear to have even more knowledge, every canine can be trained to recognize at the very least simple commands.

Doggy Dates – Socializing Your Pup

Teaching your young puppy to be social is extremely important and also should be started at a very young age. Pups can begin their social training once they are 4 weeks old. The moment period in between four weeks old as well as four months old is really critical for a pup.

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