In this episode, we react to Gio’s Cesar 911 Episode. Gio was labeled as an aggressive dog, but in the end he was just a misunderstood pug. After going through 5 homes, I was called into his 6th home situation.

Years later, Gio and I watch his episode. Learn more about our journey in this video!

We love you Gio! Glad you are a part of our pack.

00:08 – Gio’s Introduction
00:39 – Reacting to Gio’s Episode
01:30 – Gio’s Bite
02:40 – Why would love and a good home cause aggression?
05:05 – Cesar shows the family how to control Gio
06:00 – Emotional Investing in your relationship with your dogs
07:33 – How a dog learns certain behaviors
10:15 – Leash Work
11:10 – “Gio can’t be fixed”
13:00 – Conclusion


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