Separation Training for Puppies and Adult Dogs

This tutorial is on separation training or in other words teaching your dog to feel calm and relaxed when left home alone. The way I approach separation training for dogs and puppies is setting the dog up for success by training him what I do want him to do and how I do want him to feel and leaving little room for error.

It really depends on the puppy or dog and their previous training and experiences as to how fast you can progress through the steps as well as how quickly you can add duration. With my own puppy Halo the breeder had already worked with Separation from people and dogs before I got him, so I could on day one already give him alone time a few times a day when he was feeling like a nap. Tug my terrier came to me with separation anxiety, where I could not leave him alone at all. So for a month I build up the amount of time he could be left slowly and carefully to the point where I could leave for a couple of hours. By working on the settle you can tell when criteria is too high because the dog do will get up to follow you or get up and approach the barrier they are behind. It is a good visual signal for someone who is not good at reading dog body language to lower criteria without a set back in training.

Teach go to the bed:

Teach go in the crate:

The steps:
1 Reinforce a settle and calmness around food
2 Teach your dog to go to his bed and go in his crate or pen
3 Add duration while next to the crate or pen
4 Add movement away from the enclosure
5 Alone time

Information on spending too much time in a crate or pen:

Information on housetraining and setting up the pen with a litterbox:

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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