SIT and DOWN STAY – Tips for GETTING STARTED with a new puppy

Sit and Down Stay – Tips for the first training session with your puppy
This video goes over tips for initially getting the puppy into the positions. Also most dog training tutorials don’t really go into detail as to how to teach the puppy to follow the treat when getting into the position but then ignore the treat when it is moved away from them and they are expected to stay. This video shows what you can do in the first training sessions to teach the concept of moving into the positions and staying there as the treat is then moved away.

This is not a full tutorial on teaching a reliable stay, after following these initial steps, you will then need to add distance, distractions and duration to your training.

Here are full tutorials on teaching stay:

Sit stay-
A game to play to teach the concept of stay if the puppy or adult dog keeps changing position when in a stay-

If your puppy or adult dog just isn’t thinking to lay down when you move the treat you can try this technique of luring the puppy under a chair or your leg-

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Top 6 Tips For House Training Puppies

Recognize your young puppy’s actions, they do not recognize right from incorrect. Your pup does not know that urinating as well as removing on the rug is poor. It depends on you to teach them every little thing they need understand.

Get A Dog From A Shelter? Confessions of A Dog Snob

I utilize to be a dog pretender. As much as I enjoy dogs …

Don’t Let Your Dog Overheat!

As the warm days stretch on make certain your pet dog isn’t overheating. Know the signs yet far better yet do not place your pet in a setting where he does overheat.

Don’t Lose Your Puppy – Get Puppy His Own ID

A number of million dogs were missing in current times as a result of simply no id on the dog. Possibly even very easy canine collar labels might aid your canine to obtain returned. Without kind of Identification offered, in instance your young puppy will go lost, there is actually no possibility to map your animal even though somebody sees him. Allot a second as well as make this very easy on your animal in case he might obtain missing. Make particular he’ll locate his way ahead back.

Dog Lifejackets – Does Your Dog NEED a Lifejacket?

Most canines are excellent natural swimmers; why would certainly anyone invest cash on a dog lifejacket? Does my pet, the very swimmer, really require a lifejacket? Experts and normal Joes on the anchors with their pooch all agree. Yes! Keep reading to find out why.

Prevention of Stomach Flip in Dogs – These Easy Strategies May Save the Life of Your Best Friend

Allow’s have a look at the reasons for stomach flip in order to find out how to stop its event. Your canines stand has an enormous ability to absorb food, to stretch and grow to take in as high as feasible.

Common Puppy Training Mistakes

Whenever we locate out that a person owns a pup or a dog we practically blindly assume that the young puppy possessed by the individual has to have plenty of life, loyal and also would wag his tail behind us wherever you go. Yet the moment we prepare to bring a young puppy canine residence and the young puppy can be found in our lives every one of the stunning pre-assumptions involve end the moment we obtain a dog for ourselves to enjoy.

The Superior Protection Of A GPS Dog Tracker

Modern technology now enables us the capability to keep tabs on everybody we can. It has expanded now to pets. Among the fastest expanding things is a GPS Dog Tracker. This will certainly assist you situate a shed pet dog, or keep an eye on them while you are out of town.

Dog Problems – Are You Causing Them?

Are you poisoning your pet dog with compassion? As caring as well as caring proprietors of a dog, you are in charge of the wellness and well-being of your pooch. There is no escaping this obligation of care. The No 1 problem in canines is obesity. Does that ring a bell? Here though I intend to focus on simply one possible toxin – DELICIOUS CHOCOLATE. That I recognize will amaze a lot of you.

The Importance of Giving Treats to Your Dog

Providing deals with to your pet dog is something that the majority of proprietors like doing, and also think me, pets like obtaining them too. There are lots of various type of treats that are on shelves for you to pick from. Canines are not that certain, so it is not difficult searching for ones they will like, nonetheless, there are some that are bad for their diet plan.

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