Something to Stop Dogs Barking

something to stop dogs barking

There are several things you can do to stop your dog from barking. These include noise masking, treats and exercise. You can also get an anti-barking collar. The best way to stop your dog from barking is to find out what is triggering his or her barking behavior. Once you have determined the cause, you can treat it or simply manage the situation.

Noise masking

One of the best ways to prevent your dog from barking is noise masking. Noise masking involves using acoustic panels or a fence to block out the sound. You can also cover windows and doors with heavy furniture.


Treats are an excellent way to teach your dog to stop barking when you call them to be quiet. Using your voice is also a good way to teach your dog to associate the word quiet with a reward. When your dog does something right, such as sit, you should reward it with a treat. If your dog barks constantly, you should stop rewarding it with treats and use other methods.


One way to curb your dog’s barking is to get him regular exercise. By doing this, he will burn off pent-up energy and will be less likely to bark excessively. Moreover, exercise can also reduce anxiety in dogs. It is important to set a schedule for your dog to make sure he gets enough exercise.

Anti-barking collars

Anti-barking collars are designed to prevent your dog from barking by giving them an unpleasant stimulus every time they bark. The stimulation can be in the form of a vibration, high-pitched sound, or scented spray. Some models also deliver a static shock. However, static shock is potentially dangerous to both your dog and yourself.

Rewarding your dog

Rewarding your dog for quiet behavior is an effective way to curb excessive barking. It takes some time to break the habit of barking, so you need to be patient. To prevent excessive barking, you should identify the triggers of your dog’s excessive barking, and break the pattern before it starts. One way to do this is to slowly approach a door, say “quiet!” and reward your dog for quiet behavior. You may have to repeat the behavior several times before your dog learns to recognize it as a reward.

Distracting your dog

One of the easiest ways to get your dog to stop barking is to distract him with something fun. For example, you could play music in a different room or jingle the doorbell. This will distract him from barking, and he’ll stop when he hears that sound. Another good distraction is a treat. Give your dog a treat when he quiets down, and praise him for his quiet behavior.

Rewarding your dog for being quiet on their own

When training your dog to stop barking, it’s important to make the process rewarding and consistent. You want to make sure that your dog learns that being quiet will get them a treat or a praise. Start by ignoring your dog for short periods of time and work up to longer periods. Another way to keep your dog quiet is to confine them in a crate or another place where they won’t get out of control.