Splash the Border Collie Performs the Most Epic of Dog Tricks!

This is our tribute to Skidboot, an amazing awesome Cattle Dog trained by David Hartwig. In this video we put our own little twist on David and Skidboot’s EPIC ball routine. David trained his dog to only get his ball when he said Three and no other number. It was such a clever trick we decided to do it to! Splash the Border Collie is in my opinion one of the most intelligent dogs in the world, so I figured she would pick the trick up quickly. We’ve practiced it for about 4 days and she’s now got it, that she can only get the ball when I say Three. She prefers not to play with the ball on her own at the end but be told what to do with the ball. She also really likes it when I tell her I am going to grab her feet, so that is also part of the reward.

You can see David and Skidboot here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2BfzUIBy9A Just a warning, you will need to get some tissues ready for the end of the video.

Splash is trained without any forms of physical or psychological intimidation, meaning I never pressure her to have to do anything, I always train her to WANT to do what I want her to do.

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