STOP barking at the door!

This video goes over how to train your dog to stop barking at the door.

This video tutorial is for dogs who are friendly towards visitors coming into the house but bark at the door. If your dog is fearful or aggressive towards strangers, DON’T do the exercises regarding people coming in your house, as this could actually send your dog over his threshold and make the problems worse. For more information on training dogs that are fearful or aggressive towards people and dogs:

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Another wonderful way of working with dogs who are reactive and aggressive is BAT – created by Grisha Stewart. Find out more here:


Please, if you make your own dog training tutorials on youtube and use my ideas to base your videos on, please give me credit on my techniques.

Stop barking at the door training tips: Use the most reinforcing treats possible. For example, real meat. If you use low value treats, the training will not be as effective.

It’s better to nip the problem in the bud with 2 weeks of 1-3 minute training sessions every day and then touch up lessons, rather than fooling around every once in a while when your dog starts to get on your nerves.

Prevent your dog from seeing and hearing the triggers outside of training sessions during the training process.
Figure out how to “Change the picture” to prevent your dog barking.

1 Meet guests outside with your dog on leash at a distance
2 Have your dog in a crate in another room with music on if you do not wish to work with your dog when guests come over.
3 Put a note on your door saying not to knock and instead call you.
4 You can be ready with treats and your dog on leash further away from the door for when the guest comes in.

If your dog barks:

1 Go back a step and set your dog up for success

2 Put less time between the trigger and feeding the treat

3 Stop and try again when your dog is more relaxed

Thank you for watching!

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Even Dogs Can Be Taught Proper Etiquette

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Taking the family and also your canine outdoor camping in the fantastic outdoors can be so much fun for all entailed. Your pet can have as much fun as you as well as the remainder of the household can. It will have the ability to romp and play with you like it can not in the house because you have to function a lot. The fun can be even much more when you configuration beside a lake you can swim in. If your dog resembles mine he enjoys to swim!

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