Target Stick Training

A fun and easy way to train your puppy or adult dog to follow a target stick with food in it. Teaching a dog to follow a target stick allows you to create an extension of your arm to teach specific behaviors and tricks and movements. It also helps those who can’t bend over to teach certain behaviors. The target stick I am using is quite short. Its good to start with a short stick or hold the target stick in a way that makes it shorter at first. But you can use an even longer target stick than the one in the video to make certain training tasks easier.

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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Fleas, Ticks, and Your Beagle: Symptoms, Treatments, and Prevention

Fleas prevail parasites of canines that infest the hair coat. Grown-up fleas are very little (1-5 mm) and their bodies are flattened.

Protect Your Beagle From the Dangers of Summer Heat

Every person likes summertime weather and also being able to hang out outdoors. Your Beagle is no various than you when it comes to that. Nevertheless, summertime provides its own collection of dangers and wellness risks for Beagles. It is your task to protect that priceless little ball of power from summer season mishaps, and also from his naturally inquisitive nature. Beagles can not help their lively manner when they are outdoors; nevertheless, they were born to quest. Even one of the most well acted and also well qualified Beagle can jump right into trouble, when his delicate little nose captures a tempting scent. This is and also all of the wellness concerns that summertime brings for any kind of pooch. Ensure your Beagle is shielded from all of the health problems that are extra common in summer season. Maintain every one of his inoculations up-to-date, view him thoroughly for any kind of unusual actions, and also protect him from pests and parasites.

Beagle Skin Health – Problems, Symptoms, and Treatments

Beagle skin issues in beagles can be triggered by many representatives including contagious agents (germs, virus, fungi, bloodsuckers), exterior irritants, irritants and also injury (burns, radiation). Discover the troubles, signs, as well as therapies of beagle skin concerns.

The Benefits of Rawhide Dog Chews

Your pet dog will instinctively chew to help keep its teeth as well as molars tidy. Regrettably, this can indicate that your dog or young puppy will actually eat anything around the residence. To discourage this harmful and pricey behavior, pet dog chews are an exceptional replacement for your socks, footwear as well as even furnishings!

Understand Your Yorkie Puppies By Learning About Their Temperament

Having a sweet little pup running around your home is always an advantage. Nonetheless, when purchasing Yorkie puppies or any kind of various other breed of dogs, you will require to do some research.

Dog Obedience Training Classes – Why Every Dog Should Go Through Them

Should pet dogs go for obedience training courses and if so why? This write-up speaks about the benefits of pet dog obedience training and exactly how a straightforward cue like “Sit” can be made use of to effectively control a well trained pet dog.

3 Simple Ways To Get Your Disobedient Dog Back Anytime You Call Them

There you are once again – you’re at the canine park, calling and also calling your canine. Yet they simply will not pay attention to you. What the hell is their issue?

Pitbull Puppies For Sale – How Do You Settle For A Seller?

Early in the days, dogs were kept only for security factors. They did not obtain much treatment or focus. Today, things have transformed as well as canines have come to be better to man than ever. They no more have the sole purpose of security and also they have come to be much more of pet dogs than of safety agents. This, however, does not suggest that pet dogs are not being raised for protection factors.

Supplements for Dogs on a Raw Dog Food Diet

Do you require to give supplements to your pet dog that gets on a raw pet dog food diet? In this short write-up you will find out more regarding dog supplements as well as if you actually require them or otherwise.

Puppy Training Tips Guide

Congratulations on the latest member of your family members! The phrase ‘you can’t show an old pet new techniques’ applies completely below.

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