Teach Your DOG SCENT DETECTION – Basic Scent Training #1

Teach your dog to find your scent on an article. This exercise is done in AKC Obedience as well as Mondio Ring Sport. Your dog needs to detect your scent off of an article among others without your scent. In this video I give you the basics to teach your dog to learn this skill. The full length version (20+ minutes) of this lesson is available in my member section as well as part 2 coming next week.


This is a fun skill to teach your dog and can be taught with just a little bit of patience…

Your dog has an amazing nose. He can smell as well as you can see. Your dog’s nose is his most powerful sense. Harnessing that skill and teaching him how to use it in a fun way is awesome for your dog!

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Choosing a Puppy – Matching Puppy to Personality

Choosing a pup is a huge decision and matching it to the personality of the key proprietor is important. This write-up shares just how I have actually chosen the appropriate new relative for us, what I have actually sought while selecting a pup, and also indications of characteristics that might be possible troubles.

7 Common Pug Problems For Close Observation

Pug is a kind of dog which originated from China, is square and also cobby with feat bodies as well as developed muscle mass framework. Have short muzzle and a vast upper body. They posses short solid legs and make them a pleasant pet.

4 Steps to Getting Your Dog to Come When Called

Going through fundamental obedience training with your dog is perhaps one of the most vital points you can do to develop management and keep your pet risk-free from damage – and no place is this more accurate than instructing your canine just how ahead when called. This command is usually referred to as the “recall” as well as is the act of getting your canine ahead back to you from any place they may be at the time.

Teaching Your Dog to Lay Down in 5 Steps

Basic dog obedience training is rather essential for the safety of your beloved animal, however it is likewise really crucial for developing leadership and your place as the leading member of your pack. Instructing your pet dog to set is among the significant steps to beginning to establish such leadership. This is a relatively basic obedience command as well as is the 2nd one your pet dog must find out after being trained just how to rest, however it additionally may take a little while for your pet dog to end up being comfy with it.

Simple Ideas for Crate Training Your Dog

A pet dog pet crate is utilized for various objectives – a whole lot of the moment they are chosen as a way of transferring a dog, for use as a bed at home or perhaps for home training a young pup. Many individuals are opposed to the use of pet crates, though dogs do not see them in quite similarly. When utilized correctly, a canine cage ought to offer a comfy location of sanctuary that makes your pet really feel safe as well as in the house.

Training Your Dog to Stay in 6 Steps

Basic obedience training is amongst the most essential things you can do for your dog – it shows them how to follow your management and additionally functions marvels for ensuring their continuous security. One of the last commands you’ll educate your canine at this basic training phase of their life is obtaining them to remain in one area.

Why Do Dogs Bark and How Do You Stop It

All canines bark – and also it’s possibly one of the most irritating trouble experienced by canine owners. Not just can it drive a proprietor absolutely crazy, but it can typically be extremely bothersome to your neighbors – or even the entire area! Barking in itself is not an issue – it is extremely all-natural and also there are many reasons why a canine will do it.

How To Teach Your Dog to Sit in 5 Easy Steps

Need to know just how you can instruct your dog to sit? Right here is a guide that will help you do just that.

How to Stop Your Dog From Itching and Scratching

Does your dog scrape or bite itself excessively? This is not normal and also could show a deeper issue. Here are several of the methods you can stop your pet dog from itching and also scratching as well as eliminate its skin problems.

A Dog Toy That’s Sure To Please Your Pup and You

Does your pet dog like luxurious playthings or packed pets? Does he or she occasionally make a mess with those toys? Whether they indicate to or otherwise, plush toys typically crumble at the seams triggering the packing to befall on the carpeting, chair or various other tough to tidy locations.

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