Teach Your Dog SIT DOWN STAND Basic Dog Training OBEDIENCE Positions

Teach your dog SIT, DOWN and STAND. These are the basic obedience positions for any dog. Most people don’t teach their dogs the correct way, so in this video I break down the proper way to teach your dog sit, down and stand. I use a platform to make it easier on both you and the dog and explain why in the lesson.

All dogs should know how to SIT, DOWN and STAND. Of all three, the stand is the least taught. This video lesson will walk you through all THREE positions very easily and help your dog learn quickly.

I also cover why we should progress these positions in a certain order and why that is so important.

The complete 24 minute lesson is available in my online member section at:
https://robertcabral.com where I offer a complete online dog training program for all dogs, ages, drives, and obedience levels.


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