Teach your dog to DROP – Dog Training by Kikopup

In this free dog training tutorial, I will show you a technique I learned many years ago from my friend and dog trainer Kate Palese, for how to train a dog to quickly spit out the toy in his mouth. By training at the correct level of arousal and using errorless learning, you can condition the dog to drop a toy faster than lightening. I have not yet found a better way to teach such a clean and precise drop as of yet.

Once the behavior is trained, you can then use getting to play with the toy again as a reward.

The link to training the same behavior using a dog chew bone is here:

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Is Your Veterinarian Taking Short-Cuts That Put Your Pet At Risk?

As a Vet and also owner of a hectic animal health center in Port Saint Lucie, Florida, I’ve noticed that several medical professionals have actually been taking brief cuts as well as placing innocent animals at danger. Ask on your own the complying with questions regarding your existing vet, and ensure that your own pet dog is not in jeopardy.

Your Dog’s Allergic Reactions

A review of feasible foods and also various other compounds that your pet dog may dislike. The short article also covers young puppy allergic reactions also.

Can Dogs and Chickens Live Together?

The response to this concern which has actually become rather a pushing worry is maybe. Increasingly more people are maintaining hens as a pastime in their yards and backyards, and also the inquiry of canines and chickens living peacefully together is being asked all over the web.

Dog Shears – The Importance of Using Them Correctly

Many individuals enjoy looking after their pet dog and brushing their family pets themselves. This is something which can be done at residence, given you go concerning it properly. Knowing as well as recognizing your pets grooming items will certainly enable you to brush your pet much more successfully, as well as without injuring him.

The Merits of Obedience Training for Dogs

Obedience training for dogs is a really broad topic since people have significantly differing concepts about what “obedience training” really is! I would certainly such as to speak about both sides of the “obedience training” principle, in order to perhaps clean up a few of the miscomprehensions that may exist amongst dog owners. Sad to say that a multitude of proprietors invest extremely little or no time whatsoever on the training of their pet dog, either as a result of absence of time, passion, or perhaps risk I state idleness, or maybe they think the canine will amazingly obtain all the manners it …

House-Training a New Puppy – Three Easy Steps

You simply brought your pup house and she or he is greater than adorable, you feel in one’s bones they could never ever do anything wrong. That is up until you leave the space and also when you come back your charming little angel utilized your new carpeting as his shower room. Some proprietors anticipate their young puppy will automatically know where the shower room is as well as will let you recognize when they need to “go.”

About Hookworms in Dogs

Lots of dogs struggle with a problem of hookworms. This is a kind of bloodsucker that has a mouth that appears like a hook. This mouth is utilized to lock on to the wall surfaces of the intestinal tract within the pet dog. The bloodsuckers are relatively little – just gauging about one eighth of an inch in size. However, they can taking out a very big amount of blood from the vessels that are consisted of within the walls of the digestive system.

Is It True That Dogs Are Colorblind?

Many individuals have been deceived to think that their canine pal is entirely colorblind, when in reality, they see even more than black and white or grays. Nevertheless, canines do not see shades the way humans do, which is why the theory happened that they are colorblind. The color variety that dogs see is restricted, but they can see certain colors; so consequently, when you purchase specific toys for your dogs, when you understand the colors they can see, you can be sure to purchase them in these colors.

Foods That Are Considered Dangerous to a Dog’s Health

There are several various foods that are thought about to be harmful to a canine’s health and wellness. All pets appreciate food – not just does it give them with the nourishment that they need, yet it likewise interest their senses. This is specifically true of foods that dog’s observe their proprietors taking in. It is not at all unusual for a pet dog owner to offer their animal with a little food currently and also then from that which they are eating, yet it is very important to know and understand that several different sorts of foods that might prove to be specifically dangerous to a canine’s health.

Is It Better to Have Two Dogs or Should You Only Have One?

Commonly pet dog proprietors ask yourself if having 2 dogs is far better than one. The reality is if you intend to leave your dog throughout the day while you are at work, it may be much better to have two to make sure that they can keep each other business. While all canines prefer to be with their proprietors, having two canines is a means to maintain them inhabited when you are out. Additionally, it aids them to find out to engage with various other pets to make sure that they recognize how be well-behaved when it involves canine communications.

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