The BIGGEST Mistakes People Make When Treat Training A Puppy

Puppy Training includes the use of a lot of food or treats. It’s a currency that the puppies naturally understand is valuable. Unfortunately, most people are using treats the wrong way! This can lead to a lot of confusion for even the smartest puppies! In this video, Kayl will talk about the most common mistake that people make when using food in their puppy training, and she will show you exactly the steps you need to take so that your puppy doesn’t become forever dependent on food!

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00:00 The BIGGEST Mistake People Make When Treat Training A Puppy
00:32 Here’s Why Food Works
1:12 Getting To “YES!”
2:35 The MOST Important Element
3:25 Here’s Where People Go Wrong
5:09 Using Good Timing
7:28 You Need To Reward The Right Stuff!
8:41 Weaning Off Of Treats – Teach Your Dog To Listen Without Treats
10:54 Increase The Challenge of Your Puppy Training
12:16 Fixing Those Little Mistakes
14:25 Getting Your Puppy More Interested In Treat Training
15:24 What If Food Just Isn’t Working?
16:44 Jackpot Rewarding In Puppy Treat Training
17:52 What Does A Day Of Treat Training Look Like?

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