The Bully Bulldog: Pugsley | Full Episode | It’s Me or The Dog

Pugsley is a bully that can’t stop biting, humping and going to the bathroom wherever he pleases. But now his rough play-fighting has started to go too far, it’s time for dog training expert Victoria Stilwell to step in and put an end to his behaviour before real damage gets done.

It’s Me or The Dog UK (Season 2, Episode 1)



It’s Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Dog Names Determine the Character of A Dog

A good pet dog definitely is entitled to a good name, however does it really matter what you chose to call your dog? A lot of animal proprietors consider the very best name to provide their dog when they acquire brand-new puppies. The name you offer your pet states so much regarding your canine. It is the most effective sign of how you prize your pet dog or the basic sight you have for your pet. If you give a good pet dog an unfavorable name you may make people to have adverse judgment in the direction of your canine. Lots of people are trying to find reputations for their pets throughout the internet.

Why Is My Dog Vomiting?

Your canine’s vomiting can have diverse beginnings. Throwing up is an agonizing event for your dog and most definitely an aggravating issue for you. To successfully inform the accurate reason for vomiting we need to have a really clear history of the events prior to observation of the throwing up.

Quick Simple Tips of Getting Dog Food Coupons That Will Save Up to 50% of Dog Food Costs

According to the current data as well as publications in several of the leading publications, Americans are spending as much as forty billion dollar on their pet dogs each year. It is amazing that the total expense on the animals is without a doubt much more than the amount invest in films and songs. Using canine food discount coupons can be a fantastic means for most animal proprietors to attempt if they have refrained it before.

Helpful Tips for Easing German Shepherd Anxiety Dilemma

German Guard anxiety is an issue you will need to take care of if you own this breed of dog. This is because German Guards have actually usually been a ‘herdsman’ form of pet. For this reason, your family pet will certainly possibly think your household is his or her ‘herd’ which he or she has to preserve supervision over you constantly.

How To Stop Your German Shepherd Chewing Problems In or Out of Your Home

At one point or an additional, German Shepherd chewing is an issue that family pet owners will require to manage. German Shepherds will unquestionably chew on everything they can possible get their teeth on whether they are in as well as out of your residence.

By Not Doing Do This, Potty Training Your German Sheppard or Large Dog May Be an Absolute Disaster!

Lots of people believe that they can housebreak a large German Sheppard type young puppy by “scrubing their nose in it” when they’ve had a crash. This simply does not work! All it really does is scare & humiliate your ideal pal & can likely make the problem much worse than you could have thought of and it also works to estrange you from your friend or much worse, develop a worried dog.

Does Your Dog Have A Soul?

Have you ever asked yourself if your pet has a spirit? Whether there is a never-ceasing part to him which will still exist when his body has gone? This may seem a strange concern initially Believe it or otherwise but there are people available that still doubt that pets even have feelings – let alone a heart!

The New Dog Owner’s Puppy Guide

It is fun to purchase an adorable new puppy, but it has actually gotten so complex! You need a guide to canine adoption, dog breeders, health, residence training, socialization, and more. This article will certainly help you find the appropriate puppy and also will certainly make life easier for the new dog proprietor.

How Well Are Your Dog Training Methods Working? Here’s How To Fix Them

Do you really desire to recognize why your pet training methods aren’t functioning? If you aren’t getting the desired outcomes, take into consideration that it may not be your dog. It’s possibly your strategies. Discover which one it is.

Golden Retriever Health Problems

Golden retriever health conditions are few as well as far in between. With exercise, great food and also psychological stimulation a gold will live a lengthy and healthy fourteen years.

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