The Incredible Canine Acrobat and More | Victoria Stilwell Reacts to YOUR Dogs | It’s Me or The Dog

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Expert dog trainer Victoria Stilwell reacts to YOUR amazing dogs and gives her advice on how to train them. This episode features a puppy who eats like her life depends on it, a sweet dog who can’t stop ‘smiling’ and an incredible canine acrobat!

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It’s Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


What’s in YOUR Food Bowl? Choosing the Best Food for Your Dog.

What remains in your canine’s kibble? Finding the most effective match for your pet dog’s developing needs is type in selecting the appropriate kibble. Making an educated decision will certainly offer you the item you require with the nutrients necessary for a healthy pet.

Groomers Are Expensive – Train Your Dog For Grooming

All dogs need several locations of grooming maintenance. The level of grooming needed relies on the breed of the dog, mostly as a result of their coats. The basic grooming requirements are:

Why In Ground Fences Are So Effective?

As family pet proprietors, you don’t have actually to be told the pleasures that come with having a pet. It is very fulfilling yet may likewise come to be troublesome. Specifically when they make a decision to leave their backyard, it seems that absolutely nothing will hinder pets from jumping or excavating. This is complied with by them roaming through the neighborhood. A number of your next-door neighbors might be recognizing yet it might additionally create distress to numerous others and also this is possibly a major problem. One of the most efficient means to stop this kind of event remains in ground fence. This option gives the owner with a tranquility of mind and also the animal with more liberty utilizing an electrical fence.

Pocket Discs, A Dog’s Favorite Flying Toy

If you have ever been to a canine park or to the coastline, opportunities are you have actually seen numerous dogs playing bring with their owners. Utilizing anything from plastic dishes to tennis balls, or an ordinary old stick, it does not ever before feel like the pet really cares, as long as the fun and also interest proceeds. Nonetheless, one adventurous day in the life of my next-door neighbor’s dog, Quincy, a brand-new flying plaything was presented to him, and also that was all it took.

The Top Aspects That Direct Nearly All Puppy Biting

Pup attacking is triggered by a couple of major factors. When you discover what these elements are you can rapidly answer the concern on how to obtain your young puppy to quit attacking.

What Does Dog Eye Care Involve?

Why is canine eye treatment vital? Well, did you ever obtain anything in your eyes? There are great deals of scenarios when we experience irritation in our eyes even if of several outside factors. Not only that; however we also occasionally jab our eyes by chance.

Excessive Urinating – The Symptoms of UTIs in Dogs

Excessive urinating is just one of the signs of a bladder infection in canines, yet it is an essential one. The germs, anxiety, irritability and stress on the bladder causes your pet dog to really feel an urgency to pee commonly. Either really little pee will certainly be created or none at all. However excessive urinating is not the only signs and symptom.

Older Dog Potty Training – 3 Simple ‘I Will Never Clean Up Poop In The House Again’ Tips

So you’re seeking some older dog potty training ideas? Do not you simply despise it when you have to hop on your hands and knees and scrub and also clean the carpet/floor? Complying with these easy actions will provide you the power to never clean any kind of poop or pee up in your house once again.

Dog Training In Your Home – Instilling These 3 Behaviors Will Make You The Envy Of People Around You

Wouldn’t it be great to have your pet know with the environments in your house? Don’t you desire to be the one to make that very first time link with your canine? Pet dog training in your house can confirm to be very satisfying, as you’ll have the chance to state you educated your pet on your own. Make sure to instill these 3 actions into your pet.

Bell Training A Dog – The 4 Success Keys To Your Dog Telling You When He Has To Go

Would certainly you such as for your pet to be house barged in half the time it may usually take? Are you trying to find a means for your dog to be very responsive? Bell training your canine is a fast way to tame your canine. It will confirm to be fun and rewarding for both you and also your canine. I’ll disclose the 4 secrets of success to bell training your pet.

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