Train Dog Not to Bark at People

train dog not to bark at people

If your dog is barking at people, you can train him to stay quiet. You can use positive and negative reinforcement to make your dog associate barking with negative consequences. For example, you can pretend to be away from the dog when it starts barking. Or you can hide nearby and spray him with water, or throw coins at him. You can also praise him when he’s quiet and calm. This strategy is particularly effective if you keep your dog out of sight.

Reward your dog

Rewarding your dog not to bark at people is an excellent way to prevent your dog from engaging in annoying behavior. However, remember not to give your dog treats just for barking, as this may increase anxiety and serve as a form of attention. Instead, try creating a predictable routine for your dog to follow. When he barks at people, wait until he is quiet and then give him a treat.

Discipline your dog

One of the first steps to training a dog not to bark at people is to make it aware of the problem. The dog should be trained to stop barking when he hears a doorbell or an accomplice ringing it. Give a treat to the dog only during the training session. The treat should not be so big that it fills its stomach, but just enough to whet its “no bark” learning appetite.

Ignore your dog’s barking

Ignoring your dog’s barking at people is a tricky situation. It requires nerves of steel and patience. You can use noise cancelling headphones or ear plugs to help you ignore your dog. Oftentimes, giving in to your dog’s behavior will only make things worse for you both.

Block the space where your dog barks

Blocking the space where your dog barks at people is an effective way to reduce the motivation and opportunities that trigger your dog to bark. Try installing blinds or curtains to block the sight of people and other animals. You can also install a noise-muffling system to block outside noises. If you have windows, block your dog’s view of them with furniture or a gate.

Keep your dog indoors

There are several steps you can take to train your dog not to bark at people. One of the most important is to provide plenty of exercise for your dog each day. Exercising your dog will make him feel less bored and frustrated, which means less barking. A daily walk, chasing a ball, or playing with interactive toys can help. If you’re still having trouble, you can contact a certified professional dog trainer.

Identify the cause of your dog’s barking

There are many reasons why your dog may be barking at people. Sometimes they may be excited to see you or frustrated with someone walking past. Other times, they may be warning you away from their home. Regardless of the reason, you can use various techniques to get your dog to ignore people and to stop the behavior.

Treats distract dogs from barking

One of the best ways to stop dogs from barking at people is to distract them with treats. Dogs often need a little help focusing when there are lots of distractions outdoors, and treats can help. Dogs respond to the scent of a treat if it is held in a closed fist, and they will usually stop barking once they smell it. Treats can also be used as a way to praise your dog when it stops barking.