Train Your Dog To Come When Called By Making It Fun For Them – Professional Dog Training Tips

The fastest way to train your dog to come when called is by making it fun for them! Sometimes we talk to people about the reasons that their dog may not be responding to their come command. There could be many factors that cause the dog to not be too interested in responding immediately to what could potentially be a life-saving command! Reasons like “he always comes when I show him treats” or maybe people use their come command too often in situations where the dog doesn’t really have to respond to that word. The best way to make sure that your come command works reliably is to practice it. And be sure to not just practice it in your house, or in situations where the dog doesn’t have any other choice to make. Having your dog distracted like they most likely would be in a real emergency scenario is a great way for your dog to learn that responding to the come command is the BEST thing that they can do! We will talk about some ways that will help you to teach your dog how to respond to the come command the first time, every time!
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