Training Sound Sensitive Dogs

This tutorial covers how to train dogs to not have a fearful response to specific noises like a smoke detector. I cover how to break the training up into small achievable steps.

Do not play extremely loud noises for puppies. Stick to the loudest noises from your phone and computer. NOT the smoke detector at full volume.

Make sure not to sound the smoke detector near your dog’s ears or yours. I sounded the smoke detector near my dog, because I was filming a video. You can have someone further away like 10 to 15 feet when pressing the button at full volume. This needs to be done very briefly so that you do not damage your dog’s ears or your own. Please wear ear plugs for this step. I suggest that you do not sound it for more than 20 seconds or if you have it go off for longer, have your dog training in a different room so they will not damage their ears.

If your dog seems to becoming fearful or startling, go back many steps to where your dog is comfortable and not startling at the noise. Or take a break and try again later with the noise at a low volume. Every time you start a new training session, I suggest starting from the beginning with noises your dog is comfortable with and at a level of volume your dog is comfortable with so as not to startle the dog at the beginning of a session.

If you have an extremely fearful or sound sensitive dog I suggest hiring a trainer to help you with this training from the start and not trying to do it yourself in case you increase criteria too quickly and scare your dog. That said… Trust your gut, if you have a trainer help you and you think they are pushing your dog too quickly… stop them. As not all trainers are good at reading dogs, and you might be able to read your dog’s body language better than the trainer.

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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