TROUBLESHOOTING for training a dog to DROP a TOY

This video covers the solution to the problem that many have when working with food to train a dog to drop a toy. That the dog becomes so interested in the food that they no longer want to play with the toy at all making it impossible to teach the behavior of “Drop it”. Emily shows how she breaks the training steps up into smaller approximations, starting with the food further away from her Chihuahua puppy Epic to begin with and how to build on successes. This step in training may seem tricky and easy to avoid by simply not having food around when you play with toys, but by doing the work to teach the dog that playing with the toy EARNS the treats as well, you will have a dog who can work for both food and toys and not get distracted by food when playing with a toy or working with you when someone else is eating food.

This video is only on troubleshooting and does not cover the actual steps for training the behavior of DROP which is covered in the video below.

How to train Drop it using food:

This video is for both puppies and adult dogs.

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Happy Training!

– Emily Larlham (AKA Kikopup)

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