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Our LIVE dog training classroom is here:

We have domesticated the dog primarily to take advantage of their aggressive abilities. Dogs have protected us, hunted for us, guarded our flocks and families for thousands of years. Now the dog is misunderstood and vilified for the very reasons that once made them valuable and honored.

Sometimes you need to go backward in order to find your way again. I will be offering a live-streamed group course for trainers and dog owners that want to start from the beginning. It is an excellent and affordable alternative to our one on one mentorship/certification program. If you have heard about Foundation Style Dog Training but want to learn more this will be the newest, most humane, and streamlined version.

This style has been designed specifically for making blueprints and training plans for the most difficult and aggressive dogs, and of course it is great for any dog.

The focus is on a “foundation” of knowledge, values, and keeping up to date with the newest in “dog training technology”. Trainers in every major continent have been using it successfully and it has been used to gain humane control of everything from the strongest police dogs, difficult aggression cases, and even a wolf.

Why does it work?

Over 20 years of development.
Going with the nature of the canine instead of against it.
Training the best way, instead of the quickest way.

What will you learn?

To enjoy training.
Be confident about training.
Use ALL training tools humanely with the LEAST amount of force for better results.

This is not a franchise course or marketing ploy. This course is for you, the dog, and the industry. It will be a beta version and it is not meant to be quick.

I will be taking enrollees only a few days for $199 to help with the production expenses and then I must take it down because it will need to be priced higher and marketed outside my immediate following to support the growing IT and production costs.

Classes will start on September 1st with replays and support available in the classroom area.

Sign up here: and you will get further notifications from there. I won’t be able to offer this again.

All current members of the support site will have access to this course.

Thank you for all the support.


Michael D’Abruzzo
K9-1 Specialized Dog Training, Founder

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