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For more upcoming seminars visit my website at www.dogmantics.com

Kikopup’s upcoming seminars for the rest of this year. Please contact the seminar hosts for all details regarding the seminars- to contact them check out the link or email under the ‘details’ of each country.

I have a seminar list on my website too for future seminars, please check it out!

Upcoming seminars 2013

Canis Clicker Training Academy, Norway May 13th 2013
Teaching Complex Behaviors
Details: www.canisclickertraining.com

Askim, Norway May 18th and 19th 2013
The Building Blocks to Advanced Training and Companionship
Details: thea_andresen@hotmail.com

Cape Town, South Africa June 22nd and 23rd 2013
The Building Blocks to Advanced Training and Companionship
Details: amanda@zimzala.co.za

Bottnaryd, Sweden July 9th,10th, and 11th
Freestyle- along with other presenters
Dog Training Camp Details: www.motiveradehundar.se

Madrid, Spain Aug 1oth 2013
Details: www.damelapatita.com

Luxembourg Aug 24th and 25th 2013
The Building Blocks to Advanced Training and Companionship
Details: www.ballance.lu info@ballance.lu

Coventry, England Sept 4th and 5th 2013
The Building Blocks to Advanced Training and Companionship
Details: http://www.cleverdogcompany.co

Windsor, England Sept 7th and 8th 2013
Refining Your Training Skills
Details: http://www.cleverdogcompany.com/

Braga, Portugal Oct 5th and 6th 2013
Details: To be announced

Venice, Italy Oct 19th and 20th 2013
Refining Your Training Skills
Details: http://www.asdcanisciolti.it

Sicily November
Details coming soon!

Learn The Basic Needs Of Your Dog

Keeping the human-canine bond is vital. Deposit time for you as well as your pet. Cuddling your canine, twiddling with toys, speaking with him, or bringing him for journeys in a vehicle are means to improve and also maintain this bond.

Best Ways To Reward Your Dog

The most basic methods to educate your dog is by utilizing positive support. In positive support dog training, you offer your canine a reward to boost an actions you want.

Canine Arthritis – Choices

Dog arthritis is most common in older dogs, though it is not limited to the older generations. For those who have family pets, it can indicate a very long time on discomfort medications with a great deal of extra costs.

Dog Training Behavior – How Best To Handle Your Dog If He Is Eating Faeces

Moreover, we will like to recognize the reason for why our pet dog behaves by doing this. There are a whole lot of factors and also explanations affixed to such actions. Genuinely, canines are particular pets that stay in the wild in the past. So if they eat their very own excretion, naturally this will enable them to take full advantage of absorption of food via a second phase of food refined in their body and this will certainly raise their opportunity of survival in the wild environment or surroundings.

What to Feed Your Dog

When you check out the food area at your supermarket or pet shop, you will possibly be overwhelmed. There are numerous various brand names, formulas, flavors, as well as kinds of food that it’s hard to understand where to begin. Utilize the complying with information and the recommendations of your dog breeder and also your vet to select foods that will keep your pet in peak conditions throughout his life.

Why Dogs Bark, Let’s Find Out

Pets bark for a number of reasons, one of the most typical reason is to alert. They bark when there is a visibility of risk or a suspicious stranger. This bark can be classified as a hostile bark, Hostile barks are generally low and also integrated with a grumble. Extra notably as proprietors we require to be able to differentiate when a bark is hostile or from fear.

Nutritional Needs: Making Your Dog Healthy

Canine food suppliers spend millions of dollars screening and also determining optimum levels of nutrients for dogs in various life phases. Theoretically, you can offer your pet with the same nutrition he receives from business pet food, however It’s not likely you will certainly have quite the body of understanding, study and experimentation behind you that leading business do. Unless your pet is unwell or recuperating, as well as is off this common food, it’s most convenient for you and also healthiest for your pet dog stick with industrial food.

Pet Dogs Are for Life, Not Just for Christmas!

Annually, countless people make the deadly mistake of believing cute pet dogs are the optimal Christmas present for their children. Xmas day goes along as well as every person is thrilled to have a lovable little puppy to play with.

Thoughts on French Bulldogs

So hideous they are charming!! Cant start to tell you the amount of times I have heard that given that obtaining our French Bulldog, called Indica.

Dog Training Problems: Diarrhea

Among the barriers in housetraining a pet results from his health and wellness conditions which cause him to lose his focus and passion to learn. Looseness of the bowels is just among these conditions that generally guard dog. It is considered as symptoms rather as the illness itself, because there are still underlying reasons for why looseness of the bowels in pet dogs occur. Frequently, diarrhea subsides after couple of days. Yet if the instance lasts for even more than 3 days, you should be alarmed concerning your pet and instantly seek advice from a pet physician.

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