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Donate here: http://www.puthumane.org Putnam Humane Society’s Mission Statement

We are here for the animals…

To be the voice for the animals who cannot speak for themselves.

To provide protection, a safe haven and compassion through leadership for the homeless, abused, and neglected animals of our community.

To be the advocates for our unwanted/abandoned pets and promote humane awareness for all animals.

PHS is dedicated to nurturing and protecting the animals in our care while they await adoption. We are committed to providing these animals with the patience, confidence, discipline, nutrition, medical treatment, and socialization they may require until they can be adopted into responsible homes.

PHS is a NO KILL SHELTER – meaning, we do not euthanize for space limitations. We provide euthanasia for terminally ill and seriously injured animals to end their suffering when reasonable courses of treatment have been exhausted. We consider humane euthanasia in the animal’s best interest – if an animal is behaviorally or mentally tormented to the degree that they will not allow any human contact or interaction and only after every effort has been exhausted to modify the behavior issues of the animal.

Practical Pet Carriers – Designer Quality at a Discount Price

Have you ever before asked yourself the concern, “Why should I pay a lot for a developer pet carrier when something much more useful will do?” In today’s globe, young grownups believe that their family pet is one of the household as well as they intend to invest even more time with their enjoyed one. You might be assuming that I am referring simply to Guy’s Friend – The Dog. Nowadays, the family pet is a canine, feline, rabbit, ferret or any various other tiny animal.

A Puppy Training Guide – Is It Really Useful?

You have obtained a new young puppy as well as a puppy training overview, now what do you do? Puppy recommendations had within these overviews will certainly tell you what to do as well as often times when, however sometimes they do not tell you how.

Residential Dog Training Vs DIY Home Dog Training

Whether you’re still intending to obtain a brand-new pet or you have actually just gotten one, you’re probably currently considering educating him. Particularly if he is presenting unwanted habits. Like several dog owners, your very first reaction may be to pay an exterior specialist or obedience institution to train him, yet did you know that you may experience even more reliable outcomes by training him on your own?

Crate Training Puppies

When it concerns house-breaking, pet crate training puppies is probably the very best technique of education and learning. The majority of veterinarians advise this technique over all others. By nature, pet dogs appreciate having their very own small, personal area.

Discover the Secret to Training Bulldogs

One of the most cherished, old as well as elite breed of pet dog in our globe today are the bulldogs. This breed of canine is used as a symbol of England given that the 1500’s since it symbolizes being calm, bold and also bullheaded. That is why when training your bulldog, it can be tough due to the fact that they are a stubborn type.

Puppy Potty Training – How It Should Begin?

Can you pay for another day of your puppy eliminating themselves on your furniture, floors, and rug? Instructing your pup where to go potty is much easier than you assume. There are a couple of different pup potty training methods you can use when teaching your pet dog.

The Various Types of Portable Dog Crates

No matter of where you could be taking a trip, if you want to bring your canine with you, the safest means to do so is through one of the various portable dog cages. What numerous people do not realize is the dog’s forefather, the wolf, makes “dens” out in the wild and also these are very little locations that aid them to really feel safeguarded. Several of these attributes have actually been given to the domesticated canine, and the cage serves as their “den” and also therefore, many pets take to dog pet crates extremely well, especially when traveling in an auto.

Folding Dog Crates

Animals appreciate having their own personal area for relaxing as well as sleeping. Outside canines have their very own home to snuggle up in when they wish to sleep. Interior pet dogs need the same time of area, which can be supplied with a puppy pet crate.

Pros and Cons of the Training Head Collar

The training head collar has become a significantly well-liked canine training device in the previous years. However like any type of various other pet dog training devices, it has its own collection of benefits and troubles. To understand whether or not this training device is for you and your dog, continued reading.

How Soon Should I Start Obedience Training My Puppy?

It is never also soon or far too late to educate your puppy or dog. It is critically important to make the first 20 weeks of your pup’s life, as much of a positive understanding as well as mingling experience as feasible.

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