Victoria Distressed By Dog TERRIFIED of Wooden Floors | It’s Me or The Dog

Victoria meets Pumpkin, a neurotic dog with a phobia of wooden flooring. This fear has turned into a nightmare as it stops her from going up and down stairs and entering certain rooms of the house. Can Victoria think of a way to bring the fear to an end?

It’s Me or the Dog USA Season 2 Episode 20



It’s Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


Don’t Give Your Dachshund Back Problems By Using The Wrong Leash

Do not risk the opportunity of offering your Dachshund back or neck problems because you are using the incorrect kind of chain. A chain that is connected to your pets’ collar may trigger windpipe damage as well as potentially damaging their vocal cables. Dachshunds are distinct due to their short legs as well as really long back. Way too much higher stress on their neck that is triggered by a collar chain can cause severe damages to your Dachshund. Ensure that you keep your pet secure and also healthy by utilizing the correct leash, a harness chain, when out for a stroll.

Discover Why A Dachshund With Back Problems Can Use Steps To Help Save Their Back

Don’t allow a back or neck problem stop your Dachshund from hopping on your couch or their preferred chair. Equally as steps aid people in lots of parts of our lives, so can actions assist your Dachshund. With simply a little training, you can educate your pet dog to use actions for fluctuating furnishings. Actions can additionally be used for obtaining in and out of your automobile or any kind of various other place that a canine would normally leap to. By utilizing actions, the opportunity of your pet dog wounding their back or neck will certainly be significantly reduced.

Dog Food – A Low Protein Diet

Problems and also disorders never ever make a statement of their arrival. But for every condition there is a treatment and also prior to every cure there is an avoidance device. When it pertains to the diet regimen of your canine presence of healthy protein plays a vital duty.

Dog Biting Training – 4 Tips To Follow For A Bite-Free Dog

Could you visualize your priceless little pet dog attacking you or any person of your family participants? Could you envision the feeling of dishonesty you would really feel? Unless you acknowledge the signs early, you may be heading in that direction. Pay very close attention to these 4 training suggestions you’ll find below to avoid this end result.

Dog Training – It’s Good For Everyone

Having a mannerly pet dog is among the very best points worldwide. Educating your pet to do remarkable methods is fun as well as quickly impresses every person.

Magical Pointers on Your Dog Grooming Scissors

Pet dog brushing scissors are not used extremely commonly. We do not always groom our pets in the house, and also take them to the beauty parlor periodically as well. What is even more, our canines do not need to be brushed as regularly as we do. Offered this situation, proprietors are usually attracted to grab canine brushing scissors that are not of the highest requirement.

Training Your Dog Not To Bite With 3 Preventative Training Techniques

It would possibly damage your heart if you discovered that your pet dog bit you or any individual else. You would possibly feel bad and also possibly be dealing with a lawsuit. That wishes to deal with the tension of this possibility? Possibilities are you will certainly if training your pet dog not to attack isn’t apart of his training. Listed below you’ll find 3 strategies to ensure you don’t need to manage anything like that.

How to Choose a Dog Coat or Blanket

Do you understand just how to pick the right canine covering for your pet? There are many canine coat variations to select from. They vary in dimension, toughness, warmth, layout as well as shade. To choose the correct dog coat, it is required to establish the proper size and also the sort of weather your pet will certainly be exposed to. This short article will assist you in establishing what’s right for your pet.

Amazing Raw Dog Food Diet Nutrition

Review why placing your canine on a raw dog food diet is just one of the very best choices you can make in guaranteeing he or she obtains the very best nutrition feasible. Much better wellness, far better life and higher longevity for your favored pet!

Update on Electric Dog Fences

Before acquiring a fence for your canine you’ll desire to consider all readily available options. If you’re fencing in your yard and you’re searching for privacy as well as money is not an issue then a standard wooden stockade fence will appropriately have your pet dogs and also offer you the privacy that you and your household need. If you make a decision that privacy is not an element when choosing your fencing you ought to take into consideration the alternative of an electric canine fence.

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