What Are the 7 Basic Dog Commands?

What Are The 7 Basic Dog Commands

Dog obedience training involves teaching your dog certain commands. These commands include Sit, Stay, Heel, and Come. These commands are essential for your dog’s good behavior and safety. It is important to keep your commands short and precise. If you give the same command too many times, your dog may learn to ignore it.

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Dogs can learn to sit using the lure method. To teach your dog to sit, hold a treat near its nose and move it over its head, while saying the word “sit.” As soon as the dog’s nose meets the treat, it will sit and its butt will touch the floor. Then, praise and reward the dog. You can also use the command alone. You can then offer a treat whenever your dog sits.

The sit command prevents your dog from engaging in annoying dog behaviors. It can prevent your dog from jumping on you or getting into trouble on the street. It will also prevent your dog from jumping on people and other animals. When a dog hears the command, it will sit and stay in its position.


Whether you walk your dog in a leash or on a free leash, it’s important to train it to come when called. Otherwise, he might pull on the leash during walks and get hurt. Another key benefit to training your dog to come when called is that he won’t run off or get attacked by other dogs. Besides that, a dog that knows to come when called will obey your commands when you’re out and about.

You can train your dog to come when called by sitting a few feet away and calling him eagerly. Once he comes, reward him with a treat. You can also practice the come command indoors while gradually increasing the distance. You can also train your dog to come when called while in the backyard, in an enclosed garden, or even when you’re at a park.


When you teach your dog the heel, you should always be consistent. Even if your dog seems to understand the command right away, there are times when it will have to repeat it a few times before it learns it properly. You can use a clicker to reinforce the command and ensure that your dog stays focused on you.

While you’re teaching your dog the heel, be sure to use plenty of treats. Dogs often get distracted outside of the backyard so be sure to use high-value training treats to keep their attention. You should also keep in mind that every breed is different, so the exact timeline for training your dog’s heel depends on the breed.


The stay command helps prevent your dog from running around and chasing other people or objects. It’s a good way to make sure your dog stays put when you’re out for a walk. Once you teach your dog to stay, you can reward him with a treat.

The stay command can be difficult for dogs to learn, but it is extremely important to teach it. You should practice it often to ensure that your dog grasps the idea. It can be useful during mealtimes or other times when you need to make sure your dog is calm. Stay is similar to the sit command, but it helps your dog stay in one place and stay calm.

Leave a treat

Using the command “Leave a treat” is an easy way to keep your dog from stealing it. Start by holding up your hand, showing your dog the treat, and then say “Leave it!” Give a treat, but wait for your dog to stop trying to steal it. If your dog does not comply, cover the treat with your foot.

This command will prevent your dog from stealing food, picking up gross objects, and more. It will also help prevent your puppy from mouthing objects. When taught correctly, “Leave it” is an excellent go-to command for walks. It is useful because it teaches your dog that you expect him to leave an object in its place.