What Method Of Training Does Bark Busters Use?

What Method Of Training Does Bark Busters Use

The method of training that Bark Busters uses is a unique growly yell. The method is based on defining what is considered a moderate punishment, and what is considered a harsh punishment. The method works for all breeds of dogs. The process also emphasizes positive reinforcement and desensitization/counter conditioning.

Desensitization/counter conditioning

The desensitization/counter conditioning method of dog training is a great way to train a fearful dog. It involves exposing your dog to certain stimuli and then treating them appropriately. This prevents your dog from going over the threshold of a fearful response. The key to successfully using desensitization/counter conditioning is to first identify what your dog is afraid of and how they react to it.

This method can be quite tricky and complex, and requires the help of a qualified trainer. It must be done without fear, and the training process must be incremental. Because dogs are hard to read, it is important to seek the guidance of a qualified professional. Be sure to seek the assistance of a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist or a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Behavior.

Positive reinforcement

While Bark Busters promotes a more humane method of training than many other dog obedience training methods, it is important to note that this method does not eliminate the need for harsh punishment. It does, however, emphasize that humans must exercise some control over dogs. Because dogs are social animals, the best way to correct unwanted behaviour is to make them respect their owner. The trainers at Bark Busters use assertive poses, handclaps, and guttural sounds to correct unwanted behaviour.

The method of positive reinforcement varies, but the basic principle is to reward the dog for a good behavior. This can be done by giving the dog a treat or petting it. The reward should come within seconds of the desired behavior. If it comes later, the dog will become confused.


One of the methods of training used by Bark Busters is reprimanding. It consists of yelling a special growly tone of voice. The training method is based on the perceptual and communicative abilities of dogs. It aims to correct bad behavior, such as barking, but it is not harsh enough to harm a dog.

Donald Trimble, the creator of Bark Busters, introduced the training method by introducing the company’s products. These products include training collars and puzzle toys.