What to do in FIRST training session of LURING a PUPPY! – Puppy Training by Kikopup

I train luring as a behavior, similar to targeting. For me it is extremely important to prevent frustration and over-arousal during the training process. If you lure your puppy for too long or hold the lure too close to the puppy where he thinks your actually giving him the treat… It can cause frustration and if your puppy is constantly frustrated/over-excited, it can lead to the dog being frustrated or over excited when performing the behaviors you train in this way. That is why I think it is extremely important to train luring as a behavior- beginning by first having the puppy or new adult dog follow the lure from a distance with the correct level of arousal. Make sure your dog has a closed mouth and is not acting frantically. You can experiment holding the lure higher up and from a few feet away. As your dog starts to understand the concept he is being reinforced for following, you can then add more advanced concepts to luring. This video is an excerpt from my Weekly Puppy Insights Membership on my website dogmantics.com

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Dog Anxiety Treated By Thunder Shirts

Thundershirt is a patent pending style that treats pets for stress and anxiety, terror or over enjoyment. The shirt provides a mild, continuous pressure around the dog’s middle. This offers the canine a sensation of safety like being snuggled. A feeling of convenience originates from this mild touch which, subsequently, gives a soothing effect on your pet when he fears, afraid or over excited.

Should Dogs “Buckle Up” in a Car?

More of us are taking our pet(s) with us when we take a trip, as well as there are great deals of pet-friendly areas to remain nowadays. Yet what takes place to our canine if you take place to be entailed in a crash?

Three Common Dog Training Methods to Avoid

Pets are among one of the most typical family pets globe vast. As a result of this, it makes good sense that there are several pet training techniques available. Regrettably, most of these training methods are less than excellent to utilize for your pet dog.

High Protein Dog Food

Many individuals assume that high protein pet food is immediately a much better choice for their family pet. They think that because the label of the packet of industrial canine food that they are looking at insurance claims to have a high percentage of healthy protein, it suggests that particular dog food will satisfy all their pets dietary demands.

Traveling With Your Pet? No Problem!

Hooray! It’s holiday time again, however what should you make with your fantastic canine companion? Go on and take him or her with you. Right here are some ideas to assist make taking a trip with your family pet an enjoyable as well as trouble-free experience.

Training a Puppy – Uncover the Essential Beginner Basics

If you have actually obtained a pet that is creating you some troubles, after that you definitely need to find out exactly how to train a pet dog! Fortunately, it’s not to tough once you obtain the basics down.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs – 5 Things Dog Owners Should Know

While numerous pet dogs are happy to huddle as well as rest when left house alone, others will certainly be pacing the floor, eating the furnishings and disturbing the neighbors with their continuous howling and whining. Research studies suggest that between 15% and 50% of our pet dogs show dog separation stress and anxiety practices, so these are the 5 things that every pet proprietor should recognize about this issue.

Crate Training – A Great Way to House Train Your Puppy

Crate training is taken into consideration to be one of the most reliable way of house training a pet. If utilized properly you will certainly be able to quickly teach your puppy to eliminate outdoors. However, utilizing a dog crate does not house train a pet dog by itself. Your dog requires your active guidance. If you recognize how to make use of a dog crate appropriately it will certainly aid your puppy establish great routines and also stop problem actions.

4 Tips on How to Train Your Dog

If you have a puppy, then you must make an initiative to discover how to train it. A number of us love pets and also they are fun to have about. If you wish to make the very best friend out of the pet, you should educate it. You can obtain the needed info of how to train it to be pleasant and spirited in an excellent method, much more so, to take your orders. A well socialized pet can quickly interact with the owner. This is an extremely vital part of the training procedure. You have to endure it. You should begin with easy points that have some instructional worth to the pet. You have to be excellent at creating an usual pattern of connecting. Here is the process that you can utilize to educate your dog …

Stop Poisoning Your Dog!

Fleas. Just the sight of them makes us flinch. Yet is snuffing the canine as well as bombing your house with hazardous chemicals as well as pesticides the finest means to keep our hairy close friends flea-free? Before we press our pet dogs, our homes, and also ourselves right into neuro-toxin overload, probably we should ask if there is a much better healthier way? It’s time to stop poisoning the dog!

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