Why Would a Malinois like this End Up In the Shelter?

ROCKY WAS ADOPTED! Please enjoy the video, but do NOT contact the shelter….

ROCKY WAS ADOPTED…. Thank you to whoever saved him!!!

Here’s the information I have about ROCKY. Please note that I will try to monitor if the dog is still available…

I’ll leave the video up, but will note here in the description if ROCKY is still available.

Meet Rocky! He is smart, handsome and looking for someone to love. Rocky is easy to leash and he enjoys walks. In the yard he enjoys exploring and sniffing all the scents. Rocky knows his sit command and loves to play fetch! He’s waiting for someone to take him home and give him the attention he deserves. Contact Harbor Shelter and make an appointment to meet Rocky.

Rocky ID# A1943171
5 years old Male
Intake date: July 3, 2020


#malinois #belgianmalinois #shelterdog

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