Working with a Fearful or Nervous Dog (Beaux)

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Is your dog nervous or unsure? Does your dog become stressed when in new places? How do you work with a dog that barks and growls at you?

Too often, we judge a dog who growls as being dangerous or dominant. If a pit bull or American bull dog looks a certain way and growls, they may have a hard time gaining acceptance in society because of the misguided information about these dogs. Building MUTUAL trust with our dogs is key in giving them the best life that we can. Beaux was a recent dog in my class. He has an unbreakable bond with him mom and trainer, but when it comes to strangers, he’s not so accepting.

Beaux is a dog that I think many of you might relate with as far as your own dogs are concerned.

Question: How do you guys build trust with your dog?

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