Your First Day And Night With A New Puppy – Training Plan

If you’re a new puppy owner, the first day and night with a new puppy is something that needs to be planned for. When you have an appropriate puppy training plan for the first day home, both you and your puppy will have a much better experience. You can speed up things like your puppy crate training and your puppy potty training when you have clear goals and expectations in mind. In this video, you’ll learn how you can make the most of your first day and night with a new puppy.

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00:00 Your First Day And Night With A New Puppy
02:13 Puppy Training First Day
05:17 Puppy Crate Training First Day
06:12 Puppy Crying In The Morning
07:00 Teaching A Puppy Their Name
09:23 First Week Puppy Crate Training
10:27 Good Puppy Management And Supervision
12:24 Teaching Your Puppy To Go Into Their Crate
15:11 Puppy Cuddle Time
15:46 How To Avoid Puppy Training Mistakes
16:01 Puppy Training At Night
16:47 First Steps In Puppy Training
17:37 Puppy Potty Training First Night

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